1. What Issues Can Come Up During My Divorce?

Divorce can be complex and leave you with many questions. You may have questions on issues such as:

2. How Much Do You Charge?

Typically, Lisa charges a retainer fee up front which is then billed against at an hourly rate. The initial retainer may be enough to complete your case in full. In some instances, it is appropriate to charge a flat rate for all work performed if limited work is involved and it is clear from the outset the amount of work that will be necessary to resolve your case.

3. How Much Child Support Will I Have To Pay?

Once the court has determined the financial resources of the parents, an award will be made by the court. The current Child Support law allows for, among other things, your travel expenses, health insurance, and daycare to be taken into consideration in determining how much child support you will receive or need to pay. It is a very complicated formula that should always be handled by a competent, experienced attorney who will serve your best interest.

4. Am I Entitled to Spousal Support

The Judges in Oklahoma typically look at, among other things, the need of the person who is asking for spousal support and the payor’s ability to pay. The length of the marriage is often taken into consideration as well.

5. How Long Does a Divorce Take?

If both parties are in agreement to the divorce and there are no children, a divorce may be granted quickly after filing for divorce with the Court. In a divorce where there are minor children involved, there is a 90-day waiting period. The 90-day waiting period may be waived under certain circumstances. If your spouse hires an attorney and contests the action, the case could take longer than 90 days. Each divorce is different. Based on her experience, Lisa can give you an estimate as to how long she thinks your divorce might take to complete. As divorce is such a complicated area no one knows exactly how long a divorce will take to complete.

6. What visitation does the court generally award to the alternate custodial parent?

Most counties have what is called a Standard Visitation Schedule. Lisa can provide you with the information you need to understand the Standard Visitation Schedule in your county. Even though most counties have an established Standard Visitation Schedule, in many divorce cases the non-custodial parent receives much more visitation than what the standard schedule provides. Men are often overwhelmed by the thought of not having enough time with their child after divorce. Lisa has been successful at getting many of her male clients more than standard visitation.